After A Brief Break, Spam Mail Is Back in Your Inbox

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If you’ve started to notice more junk mail in your email inboxes, it’s not just you: Reports are showing that spam has returned. For some reason, the world’s number one source of those annoying unsolicited emails, Russian Rustock, just decided to give you a break on Christmas Eve, according to the New York Times. After a brief hiatus until January 1, 2011, the cybercriminals started over again. It was just too good to be true.

Symantec, a security firm, said they didn’t know what the impact of the pause in sending out those online pharmacy requests and great deals on fake watches. However, it seems that Russian Rustock will still remain number one in the game. They sent approximately 19 billion messages – 28 percent of all spam mail – on January 3, helping them retain the title of world’s biggest spammer. The company can send 100 to 200 spam e-mails per second, so you’ll need to keep p those filters and have your finger ready on the delete button.

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