PSP2 To Come Out By the End of 2011?

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People might be hyped up about the Nintendo 3DS right now, but sources say that Playstation is ready to take on the masses with their own handheld device. MCV reports that insiders have told them that the PSP2 will be announced at a January 27 press conference in Tokyo and could be in stores as early as October 2011. Sony mentioned the project even back at the 2007 E3 conference, but it wasn’t until November 2010 that we got to see pictures of a potential prototype, courtesy of VG247. Publishers were already notified in advance about the release, and some have began to develop games, insiders add. VG247 has confirmed that Netherrealm Studios and EA are working with the new device.

MCV writes the PSP2 is reported to be as powerful as the PS3, an amazing thought since one is expected to be played on the go and the other is a home system. Sources say the screen will be in HD with twin stick controllers, just like the traditional PSP console. Sony is pushing for more in-depth content to distinguish the gaming system’s titles from those that can be played on the iPad and other tablets. It may also have phone capabilities – PSP phone anyone? – but insiders assure the publications that it will not be the main use for the device. More information about the PSP2 is expected to be released during GDC and E3.

Since Playstation has a history of appealing to more mature gamers than Nintendo, are you excited that you might be able to get your hands on a PSP2 relatively soon?

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