Gaming Tip Sheet: “DC Universe Online”

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For those of you who want to get some inside tips on DC Universe Online, the new MMORPG that allows you to play as a superhero or supervillain, we spoke to DCUO Game Director Chris Cao. He was more than willing to oblige, giving us a range of things to think for newbies or a seasoned veterans of games like these.

Remember The Basics

This might be things that all MMORPG players know, but it’s something to keep in mind especially if you’re a new player to this genre of gaming.

– Choose a server that matches what kind of gameplay (PvP or PvE) you want. There’s a difference in this game: You don’t want to be attacked left and right if all you want to do is finish quests.

– Blocking, breaking out and dodging attacks are especially important; don’t just stand there and take it. Blocking in DCUO not only allows you to fend off an attack, it stops the combos of the other person and makes them fall down, making the course of the fight change in your favor.

– Don’t forget to activate your quest. Though you always will default to the main quest of the game, if you decide to embark on side projects (or happen to complete one randomly) switch your settings so you can find out where to turn in for your reward.

– Your weapons don’t upgrade automatically so if you collect some green loot that tells you have a plus damage per second upgrade, make sure to equip it before your next fight.

And now some tips for those of you know the ins and outs of MMORPGs…

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