Check Out The Soundwagon, A Record Player On-The-Go

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Here at Techland, we get tickled by quirky electronics that might not be the best at what they do but come up with a unique way to a taskt. We recently ran across the Soundwagon, a portable record player that you put on top of your vinyls and plays the record as it “drives” over it. Shaped like a Volkswagen bus, it might be the cutest and fun way to play your old LPs, especially since vinyl records are growing increasingly popular.

Record players work by spinning the vinyl at a certain speed (33 1/3 RPM)  and having the needle read the music as the disc rotates. This works in reverse by having the car drive at that speed and dragging the needle along as it goes. It just needs a nine volt battery, so if you’re not near an outlet, you can still play your tunes as long as your have a flat surface.

Are you going to get the best sound quality from an approximately $100 device? Probably not, but you can wow your friends by having a handy record player wherever you go.

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