X-Pire Offers A Solution To Embarrassing Facebook Photos

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Sometimes you want to share some photos of that fun trip with your friends when you went to Oktoberfest, dressed up in lederhosen and then passed out in the grass from too much revelry, but you don’t want everyone to see it – especially your future employers. If this scenario sounds like something that could happen to you, consider using X-Pire. The digital company puts an expiration date on your photos. For example, you could set those fun, yet totally irresponsible pictures to be viewed for a month, after which they will be deleted from the annals of Internet history forever – but not from your memories.

The founder of X-Pire Michael Backes told The Daily Mail that users simply drag the photo into the X-Pire program and assign it a digital expiration date before uploading it on Facebook or any other social media. If someone wants to view the picture after the deadline, the social network’s server “checks” with X-pire, which blocks all pictures if it is after the date. Backes said this is perfect for the “passive” Facebook user who might not keep track of all the privacy updates and know how to erase their digital footprint.

“The software is not designed for people who understand how to protect their data but rather for the huge mass of people who want to solve the problem at its core and not to have to think about it any more,” he said to The Daily Mail.

The program costs two euros (about $2.67) a month – or you could just remember to delete all references to your party days when you apply for jobs or schools. But, who actually remembers to do all of that?

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