App Of The Week: GamesRadar Cheats And Guides For iPhone

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Cheating at video games. It’s one of the few, purely victimless crimes left on the planet. Unless you cheat at multiplayer games—that’s more of a crime against a faceless victim you’ll hopefully never run into.

At any rate, is chock full of video game tips, guides, cheats and walkthroughs, but we can all agree that the act of using a computer while you play a video game is just downright unnatural. Unless it’s a computer game, in which case your hands are pretty much tied.

In that spirit, you can access game guides galore using GamesRadar’s new iPhone app. All the current-generation consoles are represented, along with a retro catalog of console and PC games that harken back to the early days.

The free app is well-designed and lets you mark games as favorites in order to reference them quickly in the future. Top games even feature super thorough screen-by-screen walkthroughs and embedded videos.

Link: iTunes App Store