Gaming Tip Sheet: “Singularity”

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Haven’t had time to complete Singularity yet? Project Lead for Singularity Raven Software’s Dan Vondrak sent us some tips that we’d love to share with you. To see other the other Gaming Tip Sheets, click here.

TMD (Time Manipulation Device) Upgrades

The weapon upgrades are very effective, but the more you can upgrade the TMD the better off you are. Especially all upgrades that affect the TMD energy – regeneration rate, max capacity, cost per power – upgrade those and you can lay waste to hoards of enemies.

Deadlock + Steerable Bullet

Once you have the Deadlock upgrade for your TMD, you can combine that with the E99 steerable bullet to get some crazy kills.  The trick is that the E99 bullet slows down when passing through the deadlock, so now you can be deadly precise with it – turning around corners, 180 degrees – anywhere you want while inside the Deadlock’s time bubble. This is extremely effective against enemies using cover or around a corner farther away.

Hello McFly

We wanted to pay homage to some of our sci-fi influences and hid a few references throughout the game.  We’ve got some pretty big fans of LOST on the team – so we hid the infamous “Wheel” that made the island move. Make sure to fully explore the room that contains the final TMD upgrade to find it.  For Back to the Future fans, shortly after getting the TMD, there is a chalkboard you can revert back to its original state and see a sketch very similar to the one Doc Brown made when he’s explaining the timeline to Marty in Back to the Future II.

Age Everyone

Every enemy in the game is affected by the Aging ability of the TMD. As fun as it is to age the humans to dust with the TMD, there’s lots of great effects on the other enemies in the game.  Zeks become slowed; I love doing it to them while they’re leaping at you!  Phase Ticks become infected and grow to a massive size and attack any nearby ticks around you, before exploding. It costs a lot of E99 energy, but that’s why I told you to upgrade your energy in the first tip!

Blitz On

The Blitzer’s teleport ability is great for evasive maneuvers, but did you know you can also use it as a weapon? Land directly inside an enemy to turn them into dust faster than you can say “blitz”. The bigger the target… well, you get the point. Hint: Enemies against walls are easy pickings.

Lurk No More

Lurkers are the last thing you want to encounter when playing as the Zek or Revert since their shield can be a devastating counter to your melee attacks.  Ranged attacks, however, are very effective at wearing their shield down and leaving them defenseless. Learn to spot Lurkers, and go into the attack prepared:  fake them out by pretending that you are charging in for a mindless melee attack, then surprise them in the last second with a barrel or revert mine.

A Barrel o’ Fun

A Zek is a powerful enemy to face, in part to their ability to summon barrels out of thin air. The Blitzer can evade an incoming barrel, the Lurker can shield against it and the Bruiser can impulse it away. But did you know all soldier classes possess another effective way to counter incoming barrels?  Next time you see a Zek barrel flying your way, try snatching it out of the air using your gravity grab, then laugh your way to another kill as your hurl it back and give him a dose of his own goods.

Happy gaming!

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