Will We See the PSP2 Next Week?

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Gamers: You may see the next iteration of the Playstation Portable as soon as next week next week. Two sources tell Bloomberg that Sony will unveil the new PSP (which most people are referring to as the PSP2) on January 27, with the Sony Ericsson XPERIA Play, a smartphone/gaming console, to be announced later in February according to Slashgear. It echoes earlier reports that the company would make their big announcement at a Toykyo press conference later this month.

Playstation has been a little behind of Nintendo in terms of popularity in the portable console race, and with the iPhone and iPad both becoming formidable gaming machines it seems the company is trying to enter the market before it gets completely blown away by its competitors. Slashgear reports that Sony is trying to make their devices more capable of sharing media with TVs, handheld devices and other electronics and hopes that will make their products more appealing.

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