Helps Bands Track Their Tracks

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Gone are the days when spreading the word about a new band meant handing out homemade CDs. With the growing importance of social media marketing in the music world, wants to help emerging and amateur bands share their tracks and manage their social media profiles.

Think of as the musical cousin of link shortener and the sister of social media aggregator HootSuite. The start up, which was launched last year, shortens links to audio tracks and allows bands to embed and share them across platforms like Facebook, Twitter and YouTube with one click.

As’s website states, “All artists need engagement from an audience to energize and accelerate their creativity. Creativity needs feedback. is the best way to get it.”

Perhaps’s most useful feature is “the loop,” a real-time aggregator that tracks the total streams, downloads, plays, retweets, comments and other feedback on a track. For those who want even more capabilities, paid “PRO” version includes additional features such as the ability to host remix competitions, upload a variety of file types and automatically create music videos from album art on YouTube.

While the service is mostly for bands and aspiring artists, the rest of us can reap the benefits of the top tracks chart, which puts the most popular music on only a simple download away. Now that’s music to our ears.

[via Mashable]

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