AOL To Debut Web Shorts Based On “CliffsNotes”

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You can schedule less time to read those CliffsNotes for the long-winded, heavy-hitting classic piece of literature that your teacher assigned to you for your report.

AOL and Mark Burnett, in conjunction with John Wiley & Sons and Coalition Films, announced that they will be creating comedic digital shorts off the classic reading guides in a move that echoes AOL’s promise to provide more web video content. Since everything in today’s world seems to be headed towards speedier and shorter ways to get information, what’s better than a quick video version of the truncated summaries presented in CliffsNotes? In the queue for this year are works by Mark Twain, William Shakespeare and Charles Dickens, according to Deadline.

“Mark is one of the most creative and talented people in our industry and this agreement will further strengthen AOL’s video offerings,” AOL chairman and CEO Tim Armstrong said to The Wrap. “Video is core to AOL’s consumer strategy and our goal is to build and partner to produce the best video experiences online.”

No word if you’ll be able to base your book report off these instead of reading the book – not that we ever did that with the print version of CliffsNotes.

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