‘Push the Limit’ in Michael Phelps’ First Video Game

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Olympian Michael Phelps likes coming in first. And come June, he’ll release the first realistic swimming video game, “Push the Limit.”

The game uses a Kinect hands-free control sensor for Xbox360 in place of a pool, and players must use proper technique to make a variety of stroke motions while standing up in order to propel their character forward. Players must also master the diving motion, which involves bending down and then quickly springing upright.

To make “Push the Limit” as realistic as possible, the game used used high-definition and high-speed cameras to capture Phelps’ own strokes. Players can then test their luck against a digital version of Phelps himself and see how they fare. But despite the outcome, there are no hard feelings here–the game features a tutorial from Phelps that walks players through the proper stroke, diving and turn techniques so you can keep practicing your virtual swimming techniques.

The game is currently unrated, and is slated for release in June.

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