Gaming Tip Sheet: “Dead Space 2”

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For all you Dead Space 2 junkies out there, we got a hold of Dead Space franchise executive producer Steve Papoutsis to tell us how he plays the game. He excitedly revealed inside jokes that designers hid in the game and secrets that he only found out about in the last minute. Check out his answers below.

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Always Have Your Handy Power Node

There’s plenty of secret doors scattered throughout the game that can only be opened by power nodes. Make sure to always have one on hand because these rooms tend to hold very good treasures.

Peng A Star On That One

Papoutsis favorite secret of the game is the “Peng Achievement,” one he didn’t know about until the game was in its final stages.

Here’s how to get it: In chapter seven when you’re working your way through the mainframe puzzle to shut down the AI inside the chamber, you’ll come to a room with one crawl space on the right and and one on the left. If you finish the puzzle, in the left hand room you’ll see there’s a new pattern. Plug that pattern into the puzzle and, presto, a new crawl space opens. “You feel very clever once you get the achievement and the trophy,” he said.

Throwbacks To Science Fiction Greats

It’s no coincidence that Howard Phillips’ name and initials is HP; the team did it as an homage to H.P. Lovecraft. Guess which two authors’ names were combined to create Isaac Clarke?

We’re Number One

If you manage to complete the game in any level of difficulty, you’ll unlock a mode called “hardcore mode.” If you can beat it in “hardcore mode,” then you get the hand cannon. A giant foam finger like the ones you commonly see at sporting events, it makes bang bang and pew pew sounds – and destroys everything in it’s path. “We were waiting to see who was going to be the first person to do it,” he said. “It took four or five days.”

Potty Humor

If you look at the posters on the wall, you’ll find one for a movie called The Clogger. “It refers to a situation we had on the team here in the restroom, and later in the game you can find an audiolog that references that,” he said. Same goes for the poster for the Lemongun store, a futuristic lemonade stand. It stemmed from a line of dialogue that Papoutsis said during a team meeting.

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You can unlock Dead Space 2 content by playing the Dead Space for iOS game and Dead Space Ignition. If you play through the first puzzle, save your game and go into Dead Space 2. You’ll find extra conduit rooms with a new weapon, power nodes, credits and a new suit.

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