Gameloft’s “Starfront: Collision” Looks Eerily Like “Starcraft”

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With no announced plans of an official Starcraft iOS game, Gameloft has taken matters into their own hands and came up with their own iPhone and iPod Touch versions of the title. Called Starfront: Collision, probably to avoid any copyright issues, the galactic strategy game will be released on February 10.

Let me be clear, they are two completely different entities. The plot of Starfront is about these three races fighting on a planet for rare crystals, and the plot of Starcraft is about these three races fighting on a planet for rare minerals. Hmm, but in Starfront the three races look like humans, crawling insects and slugs and in Starcraft the three races look like… wait a minute.


I don’t know how Gameloft got away with this blatant (albeit graphically inferior) rip off, but it is a way to play Starcraft on handheld devices so I’m torn. I guess the real question is will you play Consortium, Myriads or the Wardens?

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