T-Mobile To Offer Free Phones on Verizon iPhone Day

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Not to be left behind in the scuffle, but T-Mobile is entering the Verizon vs. AT&T fight with a great offer of their own: free phones. While the coveted iPhone won’t be included in the promotion, all phones – including 4G-capable phones – will be gratis on February 11 and 12. The last time the company attempted this on Father’s Day 2010, they added 110,000 new customers according to Tmo News, breaking all kinds of sales records.

“Smartphones offer people incredible flexibility to stay connected and express their love to the people that matter most,” T-Mobile USA senior vice president of marketing John Clelland said. “T-Mobile’s Valentine’s promotion makes it easier for anyone to get their favorite smartphone and keep connected on America’s largest 4G network.”

It might be a Valentine’s Day promotion, but putting it the same day as the Verizon iPhone release is a bit sneaky – and could be a lucrative offer.

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