HP Unveils 10-inch ‘TouchPad’ Tablet, New Smartphones

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Apple, Android, and now HP—the tablet wars are about to get really interesting. HP’s going after an Apple-like ecosystem with its phones and tablets all running on the same software platform, Palm’s “WebOS” (HP bought Palm last year, if you recall).

Here’s what was announced today:

HP Veer (product page | press release)


The HP Veer is a tiny WebOS-based smartphone—roughly the same footprint as a credit card except thicker, of course. It’s got a 2.5-inch slide-up touchscreen that reveals a full QWERTY keyboard, 8GB of storage, an 800MHz Snapdragon CPU, and is compatible with 4G networks that use the HSPA+ standard (T-Mobile and/or AT&T depending on partnership deals).

The Veer will be available this spring—no pricing yet.

HP Pre3 (product page | press release)


The Pre3 looks pretty impressive. It’s got a 1.4GHz processor, 3.6-inch touchscreen with 800×480 resolution, full QWERTY keyboard, and it’ll come in HSPA+ (AT&T and/or T-Mobile) and EVDO Rev. A flavors (Sprint and/or Verizon—3G only). It won’t be available until this summer, though.

No pricing for this one, either. Starting to notice a pattern?

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