Judge Rules Dish Network Can Reopen TiVo DVR Patent Case

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For a while TiVo was the device to rely on if you wanted to DVR a program. Now that so many other companies provide this service, a judge has ruled that Dish Network can reopen their 2005 case against TiVo regarding DVR patents.

“The patent in this case withstood two re-exam petitions by TiVo seeking to invalidate it. We look forward to the trial,” Dish said in a statement Wednesday to The Hollywood Reporter.

Dish Network – known as EchoStar back in 2005 – bought some technology from IBM that dealt with how DVRs hold onto your recorded content. TiVo claimed the information infringed on their patent for recorded television programing, and asked that Dish Network stop using DVRs that used similar technology to Tivo’s patents. Dish Network countersued, but was only allowed yesterday to pursue their original lawsuit. They have dropped from four claims to focus on one of the main technologies. TiVo shares lost four Wednesday, when the suit was allowed to go on, to $10.44, while Dish shares rose three percent to $22.18.

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