Samsung to Intro 10-Inch ‘Galaxy Tab 2’ Tablet on Sunday?

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Next week brings the Mobile World Congress conference in Barcelona and Samsung is apparently looking to kick things off on Sunday night by unveiling the successor to the Galaxy Tab, according to Pocket-lint. This information is all from unnamed sources, though, so take it with a grain of salt.

Unlike the 7-inch Galaxy Tab that’s currently available, this next version will supposedly be of the 10-inch variety and run Google’s new made-for-tablets “Honeycomb” Android software.

And despite the tablet’s larger screen size, Pocket-lint contends that it’ll “be thinner and lighter than the current Samsung Galaxy Tab” and “physically smaller than the iPad.”

Further details are scant other than that the tablet “will feature a dual-core Qualcomm chip and an 8-megapixel camera,” according to Pocket-lint.

Pricing information is unknown as well, but my offer still stands: The first major company to sell a well-designed tablet that significantly undercuts the $499 price tag of the base-level iPad without being tied to a cell phone plan gets to enjoy some decent sales numbers.

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