Want to Avoid Dropped Calls? There’s an App for That (If You’re on Android)

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Crowdsourced data is not only helping people stay connected with what’s going on, it may help keep you connected on that phone call. An Android app called OpenSignalMaps (sorry iPhone users, but there is one on the way for you) crowdsources cell phone signal strength in real time so you can see where you can expect service to drop and where is best to take that call.

Although carrier maps can tell you where towers are, they are often outdated and exaggerate coverage areas. This way users can see actual data from other people who need to make calls. The free app turns your cell phone into a transponder – don’t worry it isn’t transmitting any personal data – that sends signal strength, data, speeds and the cell phone towers near you. You can also check out the information for yourself on their website, but the more people who join by downloading the app, the more accurate the data is. It’s nice to know that an app can confirm what you’ve always known: That corner of your house or apartment is definitely a dead zone.

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