Skype Wants to Upgrade Video Calling Across Carriers?

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Editor’s Note: Skype contacted Techland after the publication of this story saying the facts stated by the PC Mag article were untrue. Story has been updated from the original version in light of their response.

Is Skype trying to make deals the big four cell phone service providers to become the number one go to company for mobile video calls? According to a story by PC Magazine, Skype and Qik officials in a joint meeting told their reporters that the companies are pursuing a partnership with AT&T – the only carrier they currently do not have a contract with – adding that customers should “watch out for some announcements out there.”

“Over time, we’re going to merge all these technologies together, but it’s going to take a little while,” he said.

With Skype buying out competitor Qik in January 2011, the two companies combined their contracts to offer video calls. Skype had a deal with Verizon, while Qik had signed contracts with T-Mobile and Sprint. T&T has yet to pick a mobile video service provider. The company is already working on Verizon’s LTE system to make full scale video chats possible, and the increase of 4G networks is expected to make the calls a lot less choppy.  AThough popular on personal computers, the technology  hasn’t caught on in the mobile world yet, but if they can work out the nicks in the system it could potentially be a lucrative deal for Skype.

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