Android Market Gets Books, but What About Movies and Music?

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Google has added electronic books to its increasingly popular Android Market, further expanding the influence of the web store. As of Thursday, users were able to access and purchase electronic versions of popular titles, reports Engadget. But wait, there’s more.

Going to and used to pull up a “page not found” message, but now directs you to the Android Market homepage instead.

Could this mean that Google is planning to add movies and music in the near future? It definitely has been rumored before, some even suggesting that the company may start it’s own music service.

That’s all conjecture, but what we know for sure is that the Android Market does have some exclusive e-books as of now like Tick Tock by James Patterson and Michael Ledwidge. The novel is not available as an e-book on Amazon, but you can buy the hard copy from the online retailer.

For the most part though, the prices seem to be about the same between the top e-book retailers so it’s really about which tablet or reader you prefer. However, if the Android Market adds music and movies, it could make the Android tablet a lot more appealing than your average Kindle or Nook.

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