What Went Viral This Week

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February 25, 2011 –

Little Girl Doesn’t Want to Marry You… Until She Has a Job


She’s got more sense than a lot of people three times her age.

Colbert Is a Member of Anonymous?

Let the conspiracy theories begin. [via Salon]

George Mason University Covers Rage Against the Machine


Let’s hear it for the girl in the red going crazy in the front.

*Cue Reference to Magneto*


The X-Men are among us. [via Discovery News, who also kind of ruins the fun with their scientific explanation]

Governor Scott Walker Prank Called by “David Koch”


Ethical? No. Did it reveal important information? Yes. Was it worth it? You decide.

Caltech Beats 26-Year, 310 Division Game Losing Streak

They’re number one in the sciences. Now they’re number 1 (and 310) in basketball. [via Deadspin]

Man Forecloses on Bank



Maru the Cat Finds the One Box He Can’t Enter


Maru is finally defeated while the millions of international YouTube viewers who watch his videos rejoice. Explain to me why this cat is so popular again?

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