Wrap Your Mind Around That: Lumosity Grew 400 Percent Last Year

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It doesn’t take a genius to realize why web-based brain training website Lumosity grew 400 percent to 11 million users in 190 countries last year. That’s because the mentally stimulating website not only helps scientists understand how the brain works, but provides puzzles that help you use your memory and thought processes.

“We can dig through the database to get a better understanding of how people can improve their cognitive performance,” co-founder and Chief Science Officer Mike Scanlan told Mashable.

The website was started in 2007 in collaboration with Stanford, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon and Columbia University. Scientists use player’s data to understand how the brain functions, and the company creates games to fit the findings.

Last year, the start-up acquired ShuffleBrain, known for a feature that transforms Facebook photos into puzzles called Photograb. It has since grown to include over 40 games that can be accessed through the websites and mobile apps for the iPhone, Android and webOS. Luminosity credits the over six million downloads of their mobile apps for part of its massive growth.

The best part about the puzzles: You don’t have to feel bad about not going to the gym after work since you’re exercising part of your body  – your brain – when you play the games.

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