‘Like’ Something on Facebook? Prove It.

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The new Facebook “Like” settings have changed, triggering the always-dependable user panic we’ve seen from previous Facebook alterations like “Privacy-Gate” or the not-to-be-underestimated “News Feed Revolt.” This time, change comes to the little blue thumb.

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Now, anything “Liked” will plant itself onto users’ Facebook walls as embedded posts, thumbnail image and all. Previously, anything “liked” was shown as a part of Recent Activity – a small, nearly unnoticeable gray line of text.

As someone who spends her day promoting TIME’s content on our various social outlets, my first reaction to the change was, “Good for us.” Each time someone “likes” a TIME piece, it’ll make a prominent appearance in the News Feed of their friends. But what’s good for companies and media outlets isn’t always pleasing to the collective body of personal users – and more than this new retweet button (Come on, that’s exactly what it is), I think users are stung by the fact that Facebook continues to pull a fast one over on them, all to the benefit of those who want to use the platform to make money. And because we’re so used to doling out “Likes” as arbitrary compliments, it’s unlikely that enough people will stop “liking” to force Facebook to retreat the decision. Sorry, dissenters.