Card Game-Based ‘Scrolls’ Next Up for ‘Minecraft’ Creator

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Could Scrolls be the next bit hit after Minecraft, the online block building game that has taken creative minds by storm? Minecraft is still on its way to becoming a household name, but creator Markus Persson is already working on his next project: A fantasy-themed game that takes the gameplay of collectable card games and brings it to the online experience, Scrolls is a far cry from its predecessor.

Many are questioning Mojang – the company behind Minecraft – and their choice to veer away from their wildly popular concept. “Obviously, that would indeed be the best choice if we were only in it to make money,” Persson said during the Game Developers Conference. “But we said from the start that the biggest advantage of Minecraft’s success is that it enables us to do the projects we really want to do. Scrolls is just that.”

The best part about Minecraft is that users can make the game their own by creating a level to propose to their girlfriend or a 3D version of the Super Mario world. Maybe the lesson that Persson and his team learned is that they couldn’t add more to the game without taking away from the user experience, so they realized it was time to move on. Was it a good decision for Mojang to create a completely new game?

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