Bought an iPad Recently? Apple Will Give You the Price Difference

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Shaking your fist at the air because you finally saved enough to buy an iPad, only to find out that Apple dropped the price because the iPad 2 came out? Good news everyone: If you come in, Apple will give you the difference.

Just bring your receipt within 14 days of purchase to an Apple store, and they’ll give you the $100 back, according to Apple Insider. You also have the option of returning your iPad and using that money to get the iPad 2 when it comes out March 11.  Buyers who bought their devices on February 16, 2011 and after are eligible.

If you still want an old iPad, the company dropped the price points on the refurbished models. Now you can get [via 9 to 5 Mac]:

Seeing that the lowest price point for the iPad 2 is only $150 more than the refurbished old model, I say you should save up in the next week and plop the extra cash down for the new release. You’re going to be using your iPad 2 forever… well that is until the (rumored) far superior iPad 3 comes out, probably some time next year.

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