The Iditarod Gets Some Nifty Gadgets

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The Iditarod contenders might still follow the original 1,150 mile trail that was run a century ago, but it’s going to be a completely updated race this March 5. Now, most teams are bringing high-tech outdoors equipment including custom-made sleds with adjustable runners for different types of weather conditions and GPS devices to track their progress, Reuters reports.

In addition to live tweeting, blogging and cell phone calls on their progress, it’s easier than ever to keep tabs on the race. Alaska’s General Communications (CGI), a telecommunications company, will live stream the coverage to subscribers over the Internet and to 130,00 cable viewers across the state.

“For us Alaskans, the Iditarod is a weeklong Super Bowl and delivering this year’s race to the TV and PC is a key step in eventually offering a full ‘TV Everywhere’ service with live and on demand programming available for our subscribers on their TVs, PCs and mobile devices,” said Greg Pearce, Vice President and General Manager of GCI’s Business Services.

The race’s official website will offer live broadcasts and video clips, in addition to more information about the race. Now, if only they offered a live puppy cam…

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