Video Game Tip Sheet: ‘Okamiden’

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Excited for Okamiden? The game comes out in the US on March 15 for the DS, but we have the inside scoop on things you should look out for.  Product Marketing Manager Eric Monacelli sent us everything he knows and loves about the game.

Buried Treasure

Hidden in treasure chests throughout the world of Okamiden are pieces of Issun’s five masterpieces. He’s a celestial envoy that was tasked with keeping Amaterasu’s myth alive. Find all the pieces to unlock some very cool art and other surprises.

Note to Self: Do Everything

Nippon is an expansive world. Doing everything in the game could take you 25 or more hours.  During the course of your game make sure you talk to everyone and every animal, undertake all the main quests and all of the side missions in order to reveal the full bounty of what can be unlocked after you beat Okamiden.

Upon completing Okamiden, if you explored the world fully, there are some very cool things you can unlock that give you a new experience when your replay the game. For instance, there’s a new weapon type. Aside for this hint we don’t want to give away too much, as we want players to discover it for themselves. Also, if you’re the type of player who rushes through games, the second play through will help deepen your understanding of the story. Don’t skip the cut scenes or you’ll miss valuable info, and cool graphics!

Shoutout to Capcom

Be on the lookout for easter eggs from other Capcom brands. You might discover a character that attacks like one of the grapplers from the Street Fighter series or discover a character from the Resident Evil series.

Build Community, Earn Praise

You’ll meet various people and animals in Nippon that are in need of your help. By developing relationships with these people and helping them relocate to Yakushi Village, you’ll be able to purchase useful tools and new side missions will be made available to you. Many people and animals will thank you and you will be rewarded with a full Okamiden experience.

Explore Everything

Throughout the game there are side missions that you can elect to pursue or not.  In the Agata Forest stage, there is a mission to find the missing parts for a fishing pole a father would like to make for his son. During the course of your game make sure you undertake all the side missions in order to reveal the full secrets hidden in Okamiden.

Stop and Smell the Flowers

Chibiterasu will meet several different partners throughout the game. If you stop playing and take your hands off the DS, a unique animation will kick in after a few moments that shows the interaction between the partner and Chibi. For instance, Nanami, a mermaid, will lovingly pet Chibi while perched atop Chibi’s back. You can learn a lot about the personalities of the characters in Okamiden this way.

Hone your Brushstrokes

Defeating certain enemies with the proper celestial brush techniques will cause them to drop special items. For instance, using the Bloom technique then Power Slash to kill a Bone Clam at the right time might net you a Demon body part. These items, Demon body parts really, can be used to upgrade your weapons. Find a few demon livers, take them to the right merchant in Yakushi Village, and you’ll be able to obtain some very powerful new weapons.

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