What Went Viral This Week

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March 11, 2011 –

Trekkies From 1973 Seem Just Like Trekkies From Today


Live long and prosper.

Police Scanners + Ambient Music + Los Angeles = You Are Listening To LA

Making music is never a crime, except in this case there’s a possibility it might be. [via You Are Listening To LA]

She Don’t Like Firefly


Might be the best song to come from the series, after “Jayne’s Song” of course.

Time Waster: URL Hunter

If only they made the screen look like you were actually doing work. [via URL Hunter]

Looking At Etsy’s Sad Boyfriend Models

Hey someone had to model for these items. [via URLesque] [Picture from Etsy users tbrittonb]

Father Makes New Toy Out of Slightly Deflated Mattress


Hey it saves money on the babysitter.

Blind Dog Gets A Guide Dog

Let’s all pause for a collective awww. [via Daily Mail]

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