Filmaster App Makes Moviegoing More Social

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Like going to the movies but hate going alone? A new iPhone app hopes to provide a way to solve that without the need for having something as messy as a social life. Filmaster, a recent startup has launched a new app that it’s describing as “Foursquare for film,” that allows movie fans to check-in at screenings and keep up to date with upcoming movies that might appeal to them.

The free app, which launched this weekend at SXSW, offers users personalized movie recommendations for their area, as well as reviews, showtimes, and somewhat creepily, “check-ins to screenings and see who is sitting next to you.”

Filmaster is serious about their “Foursquare for film” tagline, as well; in addition to upcoming roll-outs of the app for Android and Blackberry versions, the company also says it is working on integration of the app with Fourquare itself. Soon, you’ll never have to leave the house to find people to meet when you finally decide to leave the house.

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