Study: VoD Is Now 25% Of All US Video Watching, And Netflix Dominates The Field

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It’s good news for streaming video enthusiasts, and even better news for Netflix: Digital video now makes up a quarter of all video watched in the home in the US, and 60% of that market belongs to Netflix. The new figures come from research firm NPD Group, and the Netflix flattery doesn’t stop there; according to NPD, Netflix topped the survey for “overall shopping experience” and “value for price paid” amongst viewers.

NPD’s Russ Crupnick explains that the reason for the increasing popularity of digital video is exactly what you’d expect:

Overwhelmingly digital movie buyers do not believe physical discs are out of fashion, but their digital transactions were motivated by the immediate access and ease of acquisition provided by streaming and downloading digital video files.

Overall, Netflix only got dinged for the lack of availability of current releases, which won’t exactly come as news to them. Competitors: Consider the bar having been set.

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