Mozilla Firefox 4 Hits The Streets Today

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Internet Explorer 9 may have gotten all of the attention a few weeks ago, but let the browser wars begin because the final release of Firefox 4 makes its appearance today.

That’s right – it’s no longer in beta. The final build was available yesterday through Mozilla’s FTP servers, but the folks over there aren’t keen on users overloading their servers, according to Lifehacker. Instead, you can grab it from FileForum for Windows, Mac and Linux… or just wait for the final release to post on the website.

In addition to a new look for the browser, the update includes significant improvements since the last official release. If you haven’t used any of the beta versions, the speed increase in the leap to Firefox 4 will be noticeable and improved.

Some of the more obvious changes include new tab locations, the ability to sync across multiple devices and the ability to organize tabs. Among of some of the things under the hood include increased privacy protection, full HTML5 support, and updated crash protection.

(via Download Squad)

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