iPhone 4s May Be Indestructible, or at Least Army Strong

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Yes, your iPhone 4 may not give you the greatest phone service available, but at least it’s almost indestructible. Want proof? Meet US Air Force Combat Controller Ron Walker.

You see, Staff Sergeant Walker’s iPhone dropped out of his pocket as he was leaning out of an aircraft flying at 130 knots and 1000 feet above the ground. I know this sounds like the start of an SAT question – How quickly did his iPhone fall to the ground? – but such thoughts were far from Walker’s mind as he watched his phone plummet to, he thought, its destruction. But when he used the Find My iPhone app later, the phone turned out to have survived the fall, landing only a couple of miles away. According to Walker, the phone hadn’t just survived, there was “not a scratch on it, not even dirty.”

There are two potential reasons for this: Someone replaced Walker’s destroyed iPhone with a brand new one that nonetheless cloned all of his info exactly, or iPhones can somehow survive the equivalent of a 90-story fall without any damage whatsoever. I’m genuinely unsure which one is more unlikely.

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