Weinstein Video Game Initiative May Tap Movies Like Hellraiser, Halloween

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You’ve read the short story, seen the movies, and probably spent the better part of your life waiting for the answer to a single poignant question:

“Why not Children of the Corn the video game?”

Why not indeed. You’ll have to ask the Weinstein brothers, Harvey and Bob, who today announced the creation of game studio TWC Games, with plans to use The Weinstein Company and Dimension Films’ many “strong and recognizable properties.”

Strong and recognizable? You know, like Spy Kids, Hellraiser, Scream, Halloween, or Scary Movie. Because what’s really missing in your interactive entertainment library are video games about any of those.

To get the ball rolling, TWC Games is linking arms with Beefy Media, a self-styled “video game production and business development” outfit headed by a couple guys who’ve filled their website with promotional quotes from respectable game chaps like Chris Taylor (Supreme Commander 2), Scot Bayless (Dark Void), and Paddy Sinclair (FLOCK!).

“The video game marketplace is changing at such a rapid rate,” said Bob Weinstein of the deal. “With all of the digital platforms, there are so many opportunities to broaden our audience with compelling, high quality, cost-efficient, video game entertainment.”

Translation: The game industry’s worth multi-billions, it withstood the recession better than most, it’s long outpaced cinema and music in overall revenue, and besides, everyone else is grabbing a piece–why not us?

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