Apple Conference (and Likely iPhone 5 Unveiling) Starts June 6

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Just like clockwork, Apple’s Worldwide Developers Conference will begin in early June—June 6th to be exact. It’ll run until the 10th and cost you $1,600 if you wish to attend as a software developer.

The show is billed as an unveiling of “the future of iOS and Mac OS,” but it’s what also usually gets unveiled to kick off the yearly conference that grabs the attention of the general public: a new iPhone.

So mark June 6, 2011 on your calendars in pencil—pencil!—as “iPhone 5 Day” and feel free to go back over it in pen if and when the phone gets announced. If it doesn’t get announced that day, simply turn your pencil upside down and use the rubbery nubbin to erase what you’ve written. Or just admit that the past is the past and there’s no sense erasing something from a day that’s already happened. Then erase it anyway because it’s distracting when you try to look at all the other days in June.

Oh, and there are also those rumors from back in February that said the next iPhone may be delayed until the fall. They’ve been further spurned on by similar rumors today. But the February rumors also said the iPad 2 wouldn’t ship until June even though it shipped a couple weeks ago.

Whatever. Use a pencil and let’s cross that imaginary bridge once we get to it. Until then, here’s a smattering of unofficial iOS and iPhone 5 rumors:

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