Hollywood Wants to Make You Pay $30 to “Rent” Movies

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Actually, it’s not a joke. Four big studios are rolling out “premium VOD,” and they want you to pay $30 to watch a movie. The service will actually let users view recent movies that haven’t hit DVD yet.

Warner Bros., Sony, Universal and 20th Century Fox will let the charges roll through its”Home Premiere.” It only includes movies that are up to two months removed from their theater debuts. Is the local dollar theater a bit too dirty for your liking?

Wait, what happened to those movies you pay for on DirecTV, for like $8 a pop? Gizmodo points out that movies actually performing well at the box office won’t make it in the service. That’s reassuring.

The service will be distributed on DirecTV and some Comcast areas. AllThingsD actually points out the whole thing might actually be a bargain considering rising ticket prices and if you’ve got an audience of more than one. Your bowl of microwaved popcorn does not count.

(via AllThingsD)

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