Windows 8 Screenshot Hints at Easy File Syncing, Sharing

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If you live on the web, things might have just gotten more interesting. Some more screenshots of Windows 8 just leaked online, and it looks like Microsoft is seriously thinking about baking file syncing and web sharing straight in the new operating system.

We got a tantalizing look at Windows 8 last week, but tech blog I Started Something notes that these two features are currently dormant in the leaked build. Some people have speculated that the sync feature would enable users to sync folders across computers. Web sharing, on the other hand, could act like cloud-based services Dropbox and SkyDrive. These two services share files by providing easy URLs to family and friends.

The leaked screenshot also shows that Microsoft is bringing the ribbon along with it, right into Windows Explorer. So if you couldn’t stand that user interface change added some time ago, you’re out of luck. You’re not going to run away from it in Windows 8.

At any rate, it looks like Microsoft is certainly integrating more of the cloud into its operating system. It’ll be fascinating to see whether they decide they will also integrate the change with Windows Live’s increasingly connected features.

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