Who’s Who in the New Green Lantern Trailer

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A new trailer for the forthcoming Green Lantern movie debuted at this past weekend’s WonderCon, and it’s packed with Easter eggs for fans of the comics. Here’s a quick guide to the characters we see briefly.

0:18: The tall, skinny guy with red skin and black hair is Sinestro, created by John Broome and Gil Kane in Green Lantern #7 back in 1961. (Yes, he will eventually turn to the dark side. How ever did you guess?)

0:26: The wrinkle-faced guy on the left is Kilowog, who was briefly one of the stars of Green Lantern Corps in the ’80s; the Green Lantern of the planet Bolovax Vik, he was created by Steve Englehart and Joe Staton. The scaly-faced guy on the right is Tomar Re, another John Broome/Gil Kane creation, and the Green Lantern of the planet Xudar; he first appeared on the cover of Green Lantern #6 in 1961. (In the comics, it’s been established that he tried and failed to prevent the explosion of the planet Krypton.)

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0:32: That’s Abin Sur, the alien Green Lantern who will (obviously) end up bequeathing his ring to our hero. He first appeared in John Broome and Gil Kane’s Showcase #22 in 1959–the first appearance of the Silver Age Green Lantern.

1:08: For those of you who grew up with John Stewart as your Green Lantern, sorry: it’s gonna be Hal Jordan, played by Ryan Reynolds, in this one.

1:49: “In brightest day…” This version of the Green Lantern oath has been around for a few decades; it’s often (but not certainly) credited to writer Alfred Bester.

2:30: “Protector of sector 2813”: the Green Lanterns have divided the universe into 3600 sectors, and Hal Jordan’s sector in the comics is 2814. Tomar-Re is effectively his next-door neighbor.

2:44: “Welcome to Oa”: this is the planet that’s the base of the Green Lanterns and their bosses, the Guardians of the Universe.

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3:41: The guy with the increasingly huge forehead is Hector Hammond, played by Peter Saarsgard. Created by–you guessed it–Broome and Kane, he also first appeared in 1961, in Green Lantern #5. His head eventually got even bigger.