YouTube Adds More Search Functionality, Makes Wasting Time Easier

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Earlier today, YouTube reshuffled some of their search functionality while adding a new layer to help users discover videos.

The new feature, dubbed “Filter & Explore,” builds upon the old “Search Options” mechanism by leveraging similar topics to help users find something cool to watch– even if they weren’t necessarily looking for it. Using “Justin Bieber” as a search term? The new “Explore” feature populates your browser window with adjacent link words to make your browsing more efficient. (In the “Justin Bieber” case, it puts “Camp Rock” and “Eclipse” at your disposal, though I can’t imagine why.)

Go ahead. Take the training wheels off and try it out for yourself. If you need help, Google was kind enough to set up a handy help page to better understand your browsing experience. And remember: Wasting time on the Internet is good for you.

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