Apple Delays BlackBerry Tablet Because iPad 2 Is So in Demand

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Well, that’s one way to beat the competition. According to Chinese trade website Digitimes, Apple had managed to delay the launch of the BlackBerry Playbook tablet by keeping touchscreen manufacturers so busy with iPad orders that they were too swamped to work on rival Blackberry’s tablet.

The website claims that PlayBook shipment was held up “for about a month” not only because of delayed software testing, but also because there was a “shortage of touch panels because Apple already booked up most of the available capacity.” There’s something particularly graceful about this approach to competition, although I assume it’s more accidental than Bruce-Wayne-Finds-An-Inventive-Solution-To-His-Problem genius. After all, it’s not as if Apple hasn’t been facing an overwhelming demand for iPad2 since its launch last month…

The PlayBook is expected to launch in the US a week from today.

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