Toys “R” Us Adding iPad 2 to Inventory?

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You’ve got your Toys “R” Us Geoffrey Giraffe umbrella, your Buzz Lightyear talking action figure, and your Sassy ring-o-links, but wait–aren’t you forgetting something? Your know, like an Apple iPad 2?

If you’d rather grab your toys and totable tech all at once, it looks like you’ll soon have the option: According to, Toys “R” Us will add Apple’s fast-selling slate to its catalogue in May this year.

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If true, it would make Toy “R” Us the latest brick-and-mortar coup for Apple in a series of nontraditional retail maneuvers, from adding iPad resellers like Best Buy and Walmart to Radio Shack and Target.

ModMyi says it was able to substantiate the rumor with pictures plucked from an employee training session. One shot is of a knowledge quiz offering points for answering questions about the iPad 2 correctly, while the other appears to be a “product knowledge sheet” with the company’s trademark backwards-“R” emblazoned at top left.

Does Apple really have stock to supply another retailer in view of supply-chain worries and high product demand? It seems so. The question now is, will Toys “R” Us categorize it as a “Boy’s Toy,” “Girl’s Toy,” “Video Game Console,” “Movies and Electronics” item, or all of the above?