Boy Scouts Embrace Inner Geek with Robotics Merit Badge

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Fortunately, there is already a “video game” badge. But wanna go super geek? They’ve just added a “robotics” badge if anyone is interested in creating their real-life version of Wall-E. (We like friendly robots here at Techland, not like ones in The Terminator.)

The face of the badge has one of the Mars range rovers in the search of intergalactic and scientific knowledge. The badge falls in line in the sect that promotes engineering, math, and all that other stuff I was never good at as a kid. In order to earn one of these little decorations, you’ve got to be able to “design and build a robot while learning about robot movement, sensors and programming.”

Officials expect that about 10,000 kids out of the 2.7 million Scouts will earn the badge within the next year.

(via Boy Scouts of America)

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