James Cameron: All Movie Theaters 3D in Five Years

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Not content to persuade consumers that 3D movies are a good idea per blockbusters like Avatar, James Cameron has a new company to make it easier for people to broadcast in 3D.

The Cameron-Pace Group – named for Cameron and his partner in developing the Fusion 3D camera system, Vince Pace – was announced yesterday at the National Association of Broadcasters Show in Las Vegas. It’s essentially just a rebranding of PACE, Cameron’s previous 3D company but with a twist: Convincing people that 3D is the shape – and depth – of things to come. And, with Cameron leading the rhetoric, it actually sounds convincing:

Broadcasting is the future of 3D. [As soon as two years from now,] everything will be produced in 3D and 2D versions will be extracted from that… Our strategic plan is to make 3D ubiquitous over the next five to ten years on all platforms.

The way that happens, according to Pace, is to let the production of 3D material be as easy and natural to filmmakers and broadcasters as 2D:

The business model had to start with service filmmaking. There are a lot of myths about the barriers to entry… To grow this market correctly, we need to let people do what they do and [let] the use of the tools be transparent.

Cameron predicts – optimistically – that there will be 100% adoption of 3D in cinemas within five years, but thinks that the home market may take longer – at least until glasses-free 3D is perfected (at which point, he says, that market “is going to go ballistic”). And with the Cameron-Pace Group ready to manufacture cameras and equipment for the people creating the content, it’s a future that can’t come soon enough.

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