Pass the Remote: Netflix May Get Family Plans

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Time to put your squabbles aside. Netflix posted online that they may start offering options where it would be possible for you to watch “Mad Men” while your better half gleeks out next to you in bed.

Currently, Netflix streaming-only accounts can only get one stream at any point in time. In the future, that may change with some options the video streaming service plans to roll out.

GigaOm gleaned the facts from Netflix’s sneaky FAQ for investors. The company states that:

Our $7.99-per-month plan is for one stream at a time, and later this year we expect to be able to offer consumers some account options to watch multiple simultaneous streams. Or it could be that there is a price point that would encourage multiple accounts in one household.

Account sharing may come with some beneficial, additional features: what if each user got their own profile and recommendations? It would allow families and households to individualize their preferences. Then there’s the whole issue of fighting over about what’s next in the queue. I, for one, know I did not recently watch Dear John when I sign in.

The same FAQ also sheds some light on some recent speculation concerning an international expansion. From the sound of it, it’s well within reach. While the company already has a foothold in our northern neighbor, Canada, the company writes that they also “plan to expand into an [additional] market in the second half of 2011.”

Well no one can say they don’t have a lot of stuff in the pipeline. What else you got up your sleeve there, Netflix?

(via Netflix)

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