Breaking News: Mac and PC Users Like Different Things, Says Survey

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Yes, of course they do, or at least according to a massive survey conducted by a new suggestion website called

According to a report on Yahoo News/Live Science, Hunch may be able to predict a person’s preferences in terms of movies, food, art and even politcal leanings based off their operating system of choice.

How does it manage such sorcery? The report states: “Hunch used 75 million answers to questions that it asked its 700,000 members to predict particular demographics, personality and other characteristics based on their computer type.”

Now, I know no one likes being compartmentalized into neat little boxes, but let’s take a look at some of the more interesting (or obvious) findings from the survey.

Mac Users:

– Typically ages 18 – 34
– Are more likely to be vegetarian
– Likes include: indie films, modern art, and designer/retro/chic clothing
– Are probably watching Bravo, Showtime, and HBO
– Value “uniqueness” as a quality

On the other hand, PC Users:

– Are likely between the ages of 35 – 49
– Probably watch mostly Hollywood films
– Like impressionist art
– “Wear jeans” (I couldn’t make this up.)
– Probably watch the Syfy Channel, History Channel, and USA

Both Users:

– Like “The Office”
– Use computers (I’m assuming.)

Phew. In speaking with Tech News Daily, Hunch vice president of marketing Kelly Ford had this to say:

In addition, many people use both Macs and PCs, either split between work/home or by some other category. So perhaps the differences between the two groups are beginning to blur based on multidevice use across many different occasions.

Which, to an extent, is also true. But to be fair, drawing lines in the sand between Mac and PC users is probably one of the more brilliant marketing ploys of the past twenty or so years, and even though these assumptions are based off of a relatively sizable test group, they’re by no means an end-all. (It’s not like they’re email domains or anything.)

For instance, I’m a Mac-using, jeans-wearing omnivore who couldn’t be more excited for Fast Five. Like lots of people, I think The Office lost its sheen after Jim and Pam’s wedding, and haven’t caught a new episode since.

And here’s to hoping you don’t fit in quite as tidily, either.

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