Zuckerberg Somehow Qualifies for Mortgage, Buys House

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Must be nice! Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg has the financial wherewithal to get a home mortgage, as evidenced by his recent purchase of a $7 million spread in Palo Alto, California. Zuck had apparently been renting a house up until now, which is adorable.

Let’s take a look at his new digs, shall we?


Here’s the front of the house. Hordes of tricker-treaters will descend on that porch come Halloween, at least one of which will be dressed as Mark Zuckerberg. Real Zuck and Halloween Zuck will stare at each other quizzically for a few moments, appreciate the irony, and then part ways.


Here’s the back of the house. It has a pool. A pool is like a mullet. You have to maintain it or it gets all gross and leaves get stuck in it. I hope Zuck has budgeted for someone to maintain the pool. It won’t maintain itself.


Here’s the bathroom. What’s up with that thing by the tub? It’s probably a laptop holder, knowing Zuck. Classic Zuck!

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