Sneaky: Amazon Cloud Player Now Works with iOS (Sort of)

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Without so much as a rumor or whisper, the Amazon Cloud Player suddenly works on Apple’s iPad, iPhone and iPod Touch.

You didn’t miss the party—there wasn’t even an announcement. It just sort of happened over the weekend. Amazon may be causing its share of commotion these days, just not when it decides to let its free music locker storage solution make the move to the world’s most valuable brand.

No doubt, this addresses one of the chief criticisms levied at the player when it was first released in March with only Android compatibility.

That said, it’s not the shiny, sparkling version you’ll get on Android. It’s a little cumbersome and difficult to navigate, but that’s to be expected since we’re talking about the desktop-optimized version–yep, you’ll have to load it through Safari to get the service working. Ignore the initial warning page that says the browser isn’t supported and presto, you’re in! You’ll notice that all of your songs stored on Amazon’s servers now play, and if a call or notification comes through, the music will pause.

Note it’s still a tad glitchy. You can’t rearrange songs in playlists, for instance, and you definitely can’t upload files (since that requires Flash).

Apple users will have to live with the basics for now – or until Apple deploys its own cloud service, which–when happens–should be anything but stealthy.

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