Netflix for Android Gets a Workaround for Unsupported Phones

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Unless you own one of the five phones that support Netflix’s new Android app, Thursday’s announcement was worthless.

But thanks to some clever folks on Reddit, Netflix’s petty device restrictions needn’t apply. With a rooted Android smartphone, you can trick Netflix into thinking your device is approved for streaming video. It’s not a perfect fix — some users can’t get it to work — but it’ll do until Netflix officially brings its app to more Android phones.

The first thing you’ll want to do is root your phone. You can look up instructions for specific devices at xda-developers, but keep in mind that rooting is not supported by warranty and could turn the phone into a paperweight.

Still with us? Now, follow the instructions, as posted on Reddit:

1) Download ES File Explorer (Or any other root file editor)
2) In ES File Explorer, go into Setting > Root Settings and enable both check boxes
3) Navigate to /system/ and copy/paste build.prop to /sdcard/ (just in case)
4) Open & edit /system/build.prop
5) Change the following lines to make your phone think it is an HTC G2:
–ro.product.model=HTC Vision
–ro.product.model=Nexus S
6) Reboot the phone
7) Install the netflix apk (if you haven’t already)
8) Enjoy

I haven’t tried this myself, as my only Android device is a Droid Incredible, which doesn’t require extra hoop-jumping. Obviously, you work around Netflix’s obstacles at your own risk, but the ability to tinker is one of the reasons you got an Android phone in the first place, right?

(via MobileCrunch)