App of the Week: The Rapture Detector

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If those whacky radicals are right, and May 21st really will spell the end of the world as we know it (NewsFeed helped out with some of the number crunching), you’re going to want to “live every moment like it’s your last.” I think Martin Luther King said that. So we should.

The inventors of the Rapture Detector (not to be confused with the more-famous Rapture Raptor, where you play as a post-apocalyptic doorknob-operating reptile that has to consume every human on Earth in order to survive), claims that they’ll alert you 30 minutes before “The End” actually happens, granting you an ample window to run down to your local place of worship and repent until the walls come down.

Per the Rapture Detector’s makers:

Sin, Lust and Fornication can be yours again! That’s right, sin can be yours again with the right Reverend Billy Joe Estes, Holy Manifestation House of Worship Rapture Detector. That’s right, you heard correctly; a Rapture Detector. Thirty minutes prior to the Rapture a blue LED light will go off on your iPhone, versions 3 and 4, iPad, Android Phone or Windows 7 Phone. And you will have 30 minutes to run down to your local preacher and be saved, Hallelujah on that!

For 99 cents, you’ll get the alert service, an RSS-like aggregation feed that has all the latest “The World is Ending” news, and the peace of mind that comes with knowing that you’ll be spending the afterlife unapologetically eating donut holes while sitting on a cloud (or whatever your vision of heaven is).

It’s available for the iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone 7. Sorry, BlackBerry users. I guess you can always set an alarm or something.

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