YouTube ‘Town Hall’ Lets Politicians Duke It Out Online

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In today’s polarized political climate, it sometimes seems the focus is more on parties and candidates rather than the issues.

But YouTube’s come up with a solution for this. And it’s a new way to debate politics that doesn’t involve knowing someone’s party affiliation (shocking!).

Rather, a YouTube “Town Hall” has been created as an online platform for members of Congress to virtually debate and discuss today’s most pressing issues. Viewers select a topic and watch two short videos of politicians – party not revealed – explaining their stances and solutions. From there, viewers support the argument they agree with the most. After viewers watch the videos, they’ll find out the party affiliations of the politicians, which may be surprising.

The videos users support most will be featured on the Town Hall Leaderboard. Every month, Congress members will add new videos answering an assortment of user-generated questions.

That’s basically the gist of it. So now head on over to the site, you civically engaged citizens, to see debates on topics such as the budget, economy, energy, Afghanistan, education and healthcare – and no, not Obama’s origin of birth.

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