Company SecurID Tokens Will Be Replaced

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RSA Security, a security data firm which suffered a breach back in March, is now offering to replace all of the security tokens it provides to millions of corporate workers. Is it safe to trust companies when they say our data is secure after a hacking incident yet?

In a letter yesterday, EMC, which encompasses RSA, admitted that intruders managed to steal data from Lockheed Martin. Specifics weren’t disclosed, but the company is definitely trying to step up its game to make sure that nothing else happens – it’s offering to swap out virtually every security token distributed to its customers.

The security tokens, known as SecurIDs, generate unique passwords during regularly timed intervals for millions of corporate workers across the U.S. (We here at TIME also use the same security system for our employees.) The company says that it will continue to monitor the situation for customers and, in particular, for financial institutions. That’s a good thing.

The Lockheed Martin breach is the first confirmed incident since March, but it turns out the company had its suspicions the hacker was after defense contractors given the nature of the initial attack. According to the Wall Street Journal, even President Obama was briefed on the situation.

Fortunately, there have apparently been no additional security incidents affecting the company since March. Other customers who use the SecurID technology have reportedly experienced attacks, too, although no company other than Lockheed Martin has been identified yet.

(via Wall Street Journal)

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